Back in Ecuador

Well, it´s taken a while, but I´m finally back in Ecuador.  Had a great travel day going from Buffalo to Newark to Houston to Quito.  I was trying to escape most of a glorious winter in Bradford, but that never quite happened.  When I arrived, the temperature here on the Equator was actually cooller than in Bradford!

Ecuador has been locked in a serious winter this year.  That means rain.  For at least a couple of months, with deaths and landslides all over the country.  Lots of towns have been isolated because landslides have destroyed their only connection to the rest of the country.  A couple of days ago a huge sink hole appeared (or should it be disappeared?) in a major highway interchange south of Quito.  Even bigger than a Pennsylvania pothole.  That´s it for transportation down south.  And it keep raining.  The weather is coming from the east (the Amazon) which is really rare and moisture laden.  It´s just like lake effect but going in the opposite direction.  Let´s call it rain forest effect.  Nobody knows why it is happening, but I´ve heard peope attribute the effect to either global warming or President Bush.

 Speaking of which, there is still a lot of tension down here over the Colombian attack on Colombian guerillas IN Ecuador.  Sovereignty?  What sovereignty?  Now the buzz is that the attack started with a bomb or missile that could only have been fired from a U.S. weapons platform like an Apache helicopter.  The thinking is that it must have been us because we have the smartest weapons.  If a U.S. aircraft did fire something, who would have to have known?  Hmmm.  And we have a Navy base here in Ecuador.

 Everybody is following our presidential election.  The younger people I´ve talked to (young is relative – I´m talking about 30 -40 year olds!) are pulling for Obama, but wonder if an African-American is electable.

I´m in Ibarra right now.  About two hours north of Quito on the Pan American Highway.  Rainy and foggy the whole way up.  Today is a settling in day.  Visit with friends an colleagues at the local university, refamiliarize myself with the city after two years absence, etc.

I´m completely new at this blog stuff, so bear with me.  Hope this is interesting to someone, or maybe a cure for insomnia.


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